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Portland Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care offers digital radiography (x-rays), ultrasound unit for identifying emergency situations and a CT (computed tomography) Scanner.

Digital radiography enables our veterinarians to have diagnostic x-rays available in a much shorter time than traditional film x-rays, expediting your pet’s care. It also typically offers better resolution than film x-ray, and the digital format enables us to send images to board-certified radiologists for a telemedicine consult if a specialist’s opinion is indicated.

We have a Biosound Esaote ultrasound unit with color-flow Doppler capability. Ultrasound is a technology with many uses, and our veterinarians are trained in emergency applications of this tool. Some ultrasound procedures, such as echocardiography, are highly specialized evaluations that should be performed by a specialist. For those concerns, Portland Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care can provide emergent care to stabilize your pet in the interim.

In the spring of 2012, Portland Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care added a GE LightSpeed helical 4-slice computed tomography (CT) unit to its diagnostic capabilities, allowing us to better identify lesions of the nasal cavities and skull, as well as spinal lesions and fractures which may not be identifiable with traditional X-ray technology. This scanner is the only one of its kind in the state of Maine and is able to scan much faster than a typical CT unit, allowing us to complete studies more quickly and keep anesthetic times to a minimum.

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