"Ethel Pauline and her parents will be forever grateful now that Ethel can run and play and be a puppy once again. She no longer limps and prances up the road with confidence!" -Nancy, Mel, and Ethel Pauline

Orthopedic Procedures

Common Orthopedic Procedures performed by our surgeons include:

  • TPLO/TTA for cranial cruciate ligament disease: Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy and Tibial Tuberosity Advancement are plating technique surgeries that alter the anatomy of the tibial bone and help stabilize knee during weight bearing. Because these techniques rely upon bone healing and not scar tissue formation, they tend to work better for the younger, more active, and larger breeds. Recent work at the University of Illinois supported the use of TPLO over suture techniques in larger dogs, even at low activity force plate testing at a trot. Leveling the plateau or relieving the stress off of the cranial cruciate ligament for partial tears has been shown to allow these early damaged cranial cruciate ligaments to heal when evaluated arthroscopically. We have been performing these techniques for years with excellent results.
  • Lateral Fabellar Suture technique: This technique which utilizes strong suture to replace the function of the ligament but not the ligament itself has been used successfully for decades in dogs of all sizes. It relies upon scar tissue to form along the suture lines for stabilization. We continue to perform this technique in all size dogs, but recommends it more for older, less active, and smaller dogs.
  • Meniscal Surgery: Meniscal surgery without joint stabilization is almost never indicated in veterinary medicine. This surgery is almost always performed in conjunction with a cranial cruciate ligament stabilization technique. It is necessary in roughly 5% of dogs who have undergone cranial cruciate ligament surgery without meniscal release.
  • Fracture Repair: Few fractures in veterinary patients are best treated with a cast as all limbs are weight bearing. Exceptions can be in very young animals with incomplete, or greenstick fractures. We routinely perform fracture repair with internal fixation such as plates, screws, pins, and external fixation when appropriate.
  • Patella Luxation Surgeries: Medial patella luxation surgery is one of the most common procedures in smaller dogs. All MPLs do not require surgical intervention. When needed, most dogs make full recoveries and preventing continued luxation can help protect against cranial cruciate ligament injury.
  • Shearing injuries with trauma: Most shearing injuries can be treated with splint stabilization and support, although sometimes surgery is indicated. Limb removal is almost never necessary.
  • Shoulder surgery: Small surgical approaches are common for shoulder OCD (osteochondritis dissecans), biceps tendon calcification, shoulder luxations or instabilities.
  • Elbow Surgery: Elbow surgery is often indicated for a complex syndrome of elbow dysplasia which can result in overloading the medial compartment, fragmentation of the coronoid process, and incongruity. Our surgeons can advise you as to which procedure is most appropriate, fragmentation removal, subtotal coroidectomy, proximal ulnectomy, as well as sliding humeral osteotomy. Total elbow replacement is available, although rarely indicated. Common breeds seen include Retrievers and Rottweilers.
  • Achilles Tendon repair: Always a frustrating injury, these require surgery as well as extensive post-operative care.
  • Circular External Fixation: We have performed many procedures to provide fracture support, correct angular limb deformities near the joint, or allow for bone lengthening in giant breeds that have injured a growth plate as a puppy.
  • Hip Surgery: We offer FHO (femoral head and neck ostectomy), TPO (triple pelvic osteotomy), and fracture repair.
  • Total Hip Replacement Surgery is offered using Biomedtrix state of the art cemented and cementless implants. Surgery is indicated in larger, and more active dogs when it is important to keep range of motino and muscle strength maximized. These surgeries have been performed with excellent results.

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