You and your pet are in good hands here.

What to Expect When You Arrive

You and your pet will be greeted by the front desk staff. To help determine your pet’s needs a staff member will ask you questions regarding your pet’s current condition. If the condition is considered critical, your pet will be moved to the treatment area for immediate care. If your pet is stable, we will ask you to fill out the necessary paperwork prior to escorting you to an exam room. A technician or assistant will meet with you to obtain a history and to take your pet’s vital measurements. A veterinarian will meet with you next and examine your pet. We examine stable pets in the order they arrive at our facility.

Once your pet has been examined, the veterinarian will provide a recommended treatment plan that includes the estimated cost of your pet’s treatment. If your pet is staying with us for continued care, you will be asked to sign the treatment plan and a deposit will be required. If you have financial constraints, please let us know right away, so that we may help you prioritize your pet’s care.

Please discuss visitations with our staff. While we try to accommodate visitation requests and visits are sometimes good for the pet, in some cases, a visit may interrupt treatment or be overly stressful and may not be in your pet’s best interest.

Due to the nature of an emergency facility an unavoidable wait may occur. Please be supportive of other pet owners and their pets. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

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